Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tired of "Wanting"...JUST DO IT!

So...yes, another blog. I mentioned to my friend, Collette, today that I think I am addicted to blogging...or having blogs rather (since I don't update any of them as much as I should). However, this one is a little different...maybe even a little premature.

It is no secret that I would like to start my own Photography business. I think that being a "photographer" has been a dream of mine for a long, long time. Since Jr. High (Mom, you can attest to that...). Since then, I have taken class after class, read techniques, books, websites, and dreamed of "someday being good at photography, and maybe even someday making money doing it." That dream, idea, whatever you want to call it, has stayed with me all these years...and having a child only made that desire worse/more.

So, why not? I see the type of photography that I really like...and the type of photography that I want to take (and don't)...and in a moment of empowerment (those happen very rarely for me), I said "why not me?". Why can't *I* take those types of photos? Why CAN'T I fulfill one of my childhood dreams? Why The Heck Not?????

So. Here I am. Throwing my hat in the wind and hoping I am not laughed off the street! A Blog! A blog to show my shoots (a precursor to a website)...maybe to get some input from possible consumers out there, and a blog to let ya'll know that I am trying hard to become better at a craft that only appears to be simple.

Be patient. Don't laugh too hard. Here I go...


  1. well i for one think you're fabulous and can do anything you set your mind to. and i think you have a great talent for this as well. so go for it woman and enjoy it!!

  2. I second that! You are very good and you took some great pictures of Adriana that my entire family loved and thought were professional. So see, you already are successful!