Friday, August 7, 2009


Model Needed:
I am looking for a couple of people (kids, teenager, couple) willing to be my test subjects at a couple locations around the Louisville area. These locations will not be park settings, but more down and dirty industrial/urban locations.
Photo session is free. If you like the look of the "sneak peak", than the disc will only be $15.
Email me if interested :)
**Update: Model Search over. I found my models. Keep checking back, I am sure I will have another Model Search again soon! Thanks everyone!**


  1. Alexa volunteers herself. Okay, I volunteer her. Let me know when and where!!!!

  2. You know KFW and IMW will ALWAYS be your guinnea pigs...we LOVE you and your work. Anything we can do to be of assistance...just let me know.

  3. Hey Rachael. This is Shanah Tafoya, I'm in your ward but I don't think we've met yet. Collette told me you take great pictures. Anyway, I'm 36 weeks prego and willing to pose for some maternity pics if you need some. And/or you can take pics of my newborn when he gets here. Obviously these pictures can't be down and dirty industrial/urban locations though, so I may not be what you're looking for! My blog is private but you can email me at if you're interested! :o)