Monday, February 15, 2010

Best Shot Monday's BSM should probably be a beautiful picture of snow. It has been snowing here in Louisville for what seems like YEARS! I will admit that it IS very beautiful, it is. If only it weren't so, you know, cold...and snowy...and slushy and wet...and, cold, I might actually like it. But I don't...and so I refuse to celebrate its beauty by spending time taking pictures of it. ;) How is THAT for reverse psychology? Hehe...

No, what we are DOING while it is cold and snowy is the real story. You see, I am the mother of a 3 1/2 year old (as of Wednesday). My amazingly smart, wonderful, fun loving 3 1/2 year old is still not potty trained. Yes, I know....I KNOW! Part of it has been, well I thought, "he just isn't ready". However, now that we are getting closer and closer to him being 4, and he is getting bigger and bigger, the fact that he is still wearing diapers is just stupid. So, now I think that the issue has been me...and no, I am not sad to get him out of diapers because that means he is growing up. Nope, that isn't it at all...I think my issue is that I haven't accepted the actual time, patience and persistence that it takes to actually get him trained. I has to drop everything for days to potty train! Who wants to stop all fun activities to clean up poo and pee for three days? Not I!

However, the child needs to get out of diapers. I refuse to have the only 16 year old in diapers! I refuse! So, I must buckle up, and just do it. While it is cold and snowy...and we are snowed in, why not take advantage of the time? to Walmart we went to purchase numerous (pairs of?) underwear. I have set aside a period of time to focus, focus, focus...but am not going to say when it is, because well...who needs that kind of pressure?

So here it is BSM:



  1. He may surprise you and get in one day. My son spent one day in underwear and we had to change him 6 times and clean up a few "spills', the next day I put him back in training pants and he came to me each time he had to go. Then we were done and back in big boy pants for good.

  2. Best of luck! In my experience, waiting a little longer made things easier.

  3. So this is sorta like your..."vision board?!"