Friday, December 18, 2009

Cans for Comments Update

Okay folks...only you have a couple of days left to participate in Cans for Comments! So far we have 36 comments/cans (remember, I said ANY comment on ANY post starting on December 2 through December 20). That is pretty good...but we can do a LOT better than that! :) I challenge you...

And here is a great photo, from my personal collection...and nothing, whatsoever to do with cans of food. I am posting it for purely to get comments (for cans of food). Enjoy!


(Yes, that is my first born. What a happy little guy! ;))


  1. I love the crying pictures with Santa! It really says what Christmas is all about!! haha!

  2. throw in some cans of corned beef hash in memory of your Dad. Mom

  3. how about some cans of pork and beans, another Dad fav.

  4. My personal favorite canned food-Chocolate sauce!

  5. I do think this picture is classic and should be on youtube