Monday, June 14, 2010

More of Myself

So much of photography is about building a relationship between client and photographer. If the client doesn't trust you, or LIKE you (the photographer), it will show in the photos. This is one reason I love photography so much...the relationships. Meeting knew people and getting to know new people. Everyone has a story, and I love learning those stories.

I was lying in bed last night, awake, and I realized that I don't offer up too much of myself to my clients (and "fans", dare I say I have any? That sounds so pretentious!). Why don't I offer much of myself (other than my vision of course)? Probably because I fear complete abandonment if strangers knew my nutty quirks (and boy are they nutty!).

However, as we all know, a relationship cannot exist one sided. So...I am turning over a new leaf. Putting some life into this business! I want it to say "THIS is Rachael Ice". :)

I am going to start off with a quiz/survey from a year ago. Remember that "25 Random Things About Me" survey that spread like wildfire on Facebook? Well...I am going to post it here. I should probably update it and call it "25 Random Things About Me...a year later", but for the most part these apply. :)

A special apology to those that have already read this on Facebook. Read it again. ;) And to those that are not "friends" or "fans" on Facebook...what the heck are you waiting for? Go ahead..."Like" Images by Rachael! :)

25 Random Things About Me
25. I am too self analytical. To a fault. I question everything about myself and analyze every decision I have to make or have made in the past.
24. I am a total Young and the Restless fan. I have watched it since I was in Elementary School.
23. I love Survivor, Americans Next Top Model, Lost, Gossip Girl, The Office, Entourage, Grey's, Private Practice, GLEE, So You Think You Can Dance...and many more. How I have the time to watch them all, I have no idea. Thank goodness for DVR!
22. I love holiday M&Ms (they taste different than regular ones I promise!) and Hershey's Chocolate.
21. I didn't start "really" living until I was 23. Then I manged to live my high school, college and after college years in 5 years...
20. I LOVE fashion, but don't consider myself fashionable.
19. I have been to over 110 Dave Matthews Band concerts (and counting)...and have met some of the greatest people at them.
18. I I love photography and always have.
17. I miss my dad dearly. Two weeks before he died I had the chance to spend a weekend with him, and I decided not to go. I regret not going and making, what now would be, final amends.
16.I love my family, however our adult lives and relationships are not at all how I imagined they would be.
15. My favorite city is New York City. In another life (without kids), I would move there in a heartbeat.
14. I secretly like Louisville...except in the winter and when my power goes out.
13. One of my biggest fears is failing as a mother, and making irreversible mistakes.
12. I am completely convinced that Jonathon is the only man that would (be willing) to put up with me and my self analytical tendencies.
11. I miss working at Sundance and at Churchill...I miss the people rather than the actual job (although, Sundance, I do miss the actual job and wish I could go back 7 years and do a better job).
10. I miss living in Arizona.
9.I miss my black Jetta. What a great car!!!
8. In another life (before marriage and kids) I was a total computer geek, and a gadget girl.
7. I have no idea how to decorate a house. That is why most of my walls are barren...
6. I HATE being cold.
5. I do not eat meat still on the bone (i.e. chicken legs, thighs, ribs...etc..buffalo wings...)
4. I went to FIVE different colleges, and still managed to graduate in 4 years.
3. I LOVE having boys, and am not sure I am equipped to handle the emotions of daughters.
2. I LOVE my husband and our story...
1. It took me weeks to think of 25 random things about me...

And what would a post be without a photo?
This was found in my backyard. THIS means it is Summer!

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